Registration No. F 18908

By champion endurance sire Ralvon Aeneas. Ralvon Aeneas went on to win 5 TOM QUILY 100 MILES IN ONE DAY BUCKLES and he proved to have one of the highest slow twitch muscle counts recorded.

Although he sired only some 23 progeny 5 of them are now in Dubai, the most famous being Mindari Aenzac, winner of 9 in Dubai two of which prize money was 1 Million Dollars U.S to the winner who is Marguerite’s first cousin.

Of ten to do endurance 7 achieved National and State Top Ten awards.Making him one of the most successful endurance sires in Australia. His daughters are carrying his ability to produce the highest standard of endurance horse flesh in Australia when crossed with our principal stallions.

It should be noted that MINDARI AENZAC (exp Dubai)  WON THE  120km GC Seniors Championship in Doha Qatar, came 4th Place WORLD ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2005, was the Winner 2004 of  120-km Al Ahram Al Arbi Egyption International Endurance Ride near Cairo. WON THE 2004 120-KM second Round of the 1.5 MILLION 2004 TRIPLE CROWN SERIES at Dubai Endurance City, Seih Assalam. WON 2003 BY A 1 SECOND MARGIN THE UAE/EFI ENDURANCE WORLD CUP

Margeurite’s full sister is MINDRI NADJI’SMAGIC 1ST Heavyweight, POINTSCORE, DISTANCE, ONE HORSE/ONE RIDER.  Magic and  Raelene French won all five State Hwt titles on offer  including, 1ST Hwt Rider and 1st Distance Rider.