Conderosa Zaheera completed 80km at Burraga 16/10/15

I was very pleased with Conderosa Zaheera as she completed 80km at Burraga 16/10/15 finishing 8th across the line and 3rd Heavyweight. It was a very scenic ride with some high hills to look over the landscape. Congratulations to Jackie and her helpers, The Fiery,s were fantastic at check points doing a great job. Thank…

Congratulations Amir

Congragulations to AL OWAISI, Ghanim Said Salim who riding Amir WON the FEI 120** on the 21/08/2015 at Pisa, San Rossore. This again shows the strength of the UEA Team with the ability to win anywhere in the World.

Con riding Conderosa Pegasus WINS. First across the line at the Q60, 100km on the 3/5/2015 in 7 hours.

]Conderosa Pegasus performance was very pleasing considering the slippery conditions regardless of whether you were on the roads or high up in the mountains as it rained all weekend.

I am happy as he displays all the traits of the Conderosa breed horses .

It is a great feeling as I often look at my herd of horses knowing that I have so many quality horses to choose from.

Thank you to all the Sponsors and organisers AND a big thank you to Charlie with his tractor who saved the day .