Con proven right !!!!!!!

Conderosa Ozzie is in fine health as per the vet report confirming Con’s suspicion that Ozzie drinking cold water straight after ride gave him a mild stomach ache. !!!!!!!!!!!!Con and Ozzie should not have been disqualified.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the report for yourself below

Hellenic Equestrian Federation Recognizes Talent and Effort of Greek-Australian brothers Con and Tom Bouzianis.

Con Bouzianis official representative of the Helenic Equestrian Federation (GRE-NF) achieves historic result as this is the first Endurance FEI International Race WON by a GREEK rider.

Conderosa Endurance Stud is proud to acknowledge the authorisation of Mr. Con Bouzianis and Mr Tom Bouzianis as Official Representatives of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation (GRE-NF)