Conderosa Racing

Hellenic Equestrian Federation Recognizes Talent and Effort of Greek-Australian brothers Con and Tom Bouzianis.

Con Bouzianis official representative of the Helenic Equestrian Federation (GRE-NF) achieves historic result as this is the first Endurance FEI International Race WON by a GREEK rider.

Conderosa Endurance Stud is proud to acknowledge the authorisation of Mr. Con Bouzianis and Mr Tom Bouzianis as Official Representatives of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation (GRE-NF)

!!!!!!!!!!!! Con Wins again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest News!!!!!!!!!!!! Con Wins again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Second in Tamworth Con riding Conderosa Shammis,( his first start since his 12th H/W  Tom Quilty 2010) at Arabian Horse Society sponsored 80Km ride at the (AELEC) 30million dollar centre in Tamworth NSW. on 20th March 2011 Won First Heavyweight in 5hr 15min.   This was the inaugural ride held…


Novice horses Conderosa Eternity ridden by Con at 100kg and Conderosa Zeus ridden by Tom at 86kg completed their second 80km ride in Blue Book at Cedar Ridge on the 7/11/2010. Both horses excelled in a challenging course with very low Heart Rates and all A,s in their Log Books and received high praise from…